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At Colibrí we believe that rural populations in developing countries deserve outstanding technology services and products. We want to be the company that builds them. The first product we are developing aims to provide rural farmers with better access to information and data about their fields and crops. We are working to accomplish this through a system of sensors, mobile and web technologies. The data will be directly useful to the farmers and will enable the development of better, more highly targeted services. We also intend on sharing this data with institutions that currently support this population and on a larger scale with government and international organizations so they may better understand how these populations can be supported.

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  • Cameron Morris


    Cameron is deeply passionate about using technology to solve issues in economic development. This passion stems from his experience with product, operations and programming at Google and smaller Silicon Valley startups and his hands on experience with microfinance at Kiva.org working in 10+ countries on 2 continents. Cameron speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. When not working Cameron enjoys playing the violin, studying latin american literature and running marathons.

  • Francisco Ortega


    Francisco brings more than 8 years experience in project valuation, strategic planning, scaling businesses and start up consulting to Colibri. He believes that the innovative application of technology can help reduce global income inequality . Francisco has previously spent time at WAMEX, a Mexican private equity firm, and at Inteligencia Productiva, an IT company. He enjoys adventures in the wild such as hiking mountains, rafting, mountain biking and beer camping.

advisors >>

  • Scott Hartley Partner at Mohr Davidow, Menlo Park, CA | At Mohr Davidow Scott is focused on investing in mobile and consumer internet companies. He believes that startups are at the center of economic development and progress. Scott has a unique plurality of experience in Product, Operations, Platform, and Marketing from Facebook and Google, as well as knowledge in the public sector from the White House, State Department and United Nations. In his spare time Scott writes a column for Forbes magazine. Scott holds an MA and MBA from Columbia University.

  • Giovanna Masci Senior Director, Global Portfolio at Kiva.org, San Francisco, CA | Giovanna is responsible for overseeing Kiva's partnerships and regional teams throughout the world. As the Senior Director for Global Portfolio she helps to develop Kiva's strategy for growth and expansion with field partners. Giovanna holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management

  • Petter Andersson Head of Service Strategy and Learning Services at Ericsson, Beijing China | Since 2006 Petter has served as the global head of Learning & Development at Ericsson. Petter founded Ericsson Academy in 2009, with high attention on the business alignment of corporate learning as well as the ongoing virtualization and digitalization of learning. He is currently working out of Beijing to grow Ericsson's learning services business in China and North East Asia.

  • Jesus Romero CEO at CrediComun, Mexico City, Mexico | Jesus has been a part of one of Mexico's leading microfinance institutes (MFI), CrediComun, since 2007. He has held the roles of Director of IT, Director of Operations and is currently the CEO. He also has served on the board of another MFI, Grupo Unidos por Ti "GRUNTI", since 2010 and has been the chairman of the board since 2012. Jesus holds an undergraduate and masters degree in IT as well as a diploma in microfinance

  • Bernardo Tembe CEO at Hluvuku-Adsema, Bela-Vista, Mozambique | Bernardo Tembe has served as the CEO of one of Mozambique’s most reputable microfinance institutes, Hluvuku-Adsema, for the last 17 years. He has helped grow Hluvuku from an organization originally capitalized with a $29k grant from the Spanish government to an organization that is dispersing around $2M a year in loans. He is seen as an expert in rural microfinance and socioeconomic development.

  • Alex Abelin Community Affairs Manager at Google, New York, NY | Alex Abelin is a SoCal kid who beats to the New York drum. He has been at Google his entire career, starting in sales and advertising, and now, in community relations. Alex seeks opportunities for Googlers to volunteer their expertise, engages in grant making and helps to build relationships with local stakeholders. In 2012, Alex led the Chelsea WiFi project, architecting the largest public outdoor wireless zone in New York City’s history. Alex holds a degree from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley